Gameplay improvement - need your ideas!

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Re: Gameplay improvement - need your ideas!

Postby Ferrim » Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:05 pm

Don't feel sorry for them. We Spanish players never had any translations at all :1grin:
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Re: Gameplay improvement - need your ideas!

Postby RacerBG » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:44 pm

And we, the Bulgarian users, even less... :1laugh:
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Re: Gameplay improvement - need your ideas!

Postby Jops » Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:22 pm

Veedub wrote:If you manage to follow the table above, it shows the default 1998 value, the skill level of the CD and TD, the random factors applied and then the final percentage as a result of the new calculation (there is a +/- variance of 10% due to random factor.). The Bias column is a figure that shows how close or far off the centre of the range figure is from the default value. You will see that the top teams are near enough to the default values used in the 1998 season. But there are some significant variances for the bottom teams, largely because the combined ability of the chief designer and technical director gives a better handling percentage than the default value. So as an example, the new calculation suggests Tyrrell should have a much higher performing chassis given the ability of the staff they have. So should the calculation be changed or should the ability of their staff be downgraded to match their real life performance...

An interesting point but it's worth looking at those years in context. Tyrell had no money in 1997 and thus despite having fantastic designers couldn't produce an amazing car with limited resources. However the car was regarded as having a good chassis, Rosset was awful and Takagi couldn't stop crashing, for context of real life performance look at the cars they both designed next..

Postlethwaite unfortunately died but had been the man chosen by Honda to take on their 2000 project designing a car in 99.
Gascoyne left at the start of the year to go to Jordan, he oversaw the design of the 99 Jordan which was a fantastic little car.

Likewise Barnard had an excellent reputation at Arrows, but was fired halfway through the year for outrageously expensive designs, whilst the engine was a joke, when it wasn't down on power it was blowing up. The Chassis circuit (Monaco) saw them come 4th and 6th... illustrating just how awful that engine was.

I always feel Nick Wirth should be downgraded as almost any car he has touched has turned to crap.
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Re: Gameplay improvement - need your ideas!

Postby Veedub » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:18 am

Well the good news is that the editor may make it a lot easier to have alternative languages - a decent merge tool could do the majority of the clean up work after a significant edit of the english/comme.txt file.

I found myself thinking further about the lack of commentary slots - at a stretch, it should be possible to have a unique commentary index for 44 drivers (not just 41) but would require shifting of all the indices used for certain sounds by several places. In fact, I'd need to find 15 free slots (3 drivers * 5 sound clips), so that would mean that if I couldn't add them to the end, a lot of sound clips would need to be killed off. The red lines below would seem to be the most infrequently used sounds the game has. I'm not sure I've ever heard those qualifying sounds. Either way, 15 slots is a lot to find and the work is quite extensive to shift all the indices.

>LOSPOS.WAV Lost Position.<
>GAINPOS.WAV Gained Position.<
>UNCLEAR.WAV Position Unclear.<
>QUALX1.WAV Car damaged. Prepare Car 3.<
>QUALX3.WAV Car damaged. Unable to continue.<
>QUALX6.WAV Car damaged. I'm injured but OK. Repeat. OK.<
>QUALX2.WAV Car 3 ready. <
>QUALX4.WAV Bringing Race Car in pits for repairs.<
>QUALX5.WAV Can not repair race car. Repeat. Can not repair car.<
>QUALX7.WAV Driver unable to continue. Sending help.<
>QUALX8.WAV We have stewards' permission to run Car 3 with Test Driver.<
>QUALEND.WAV Qualifying Over. Well done everybody.<
>RECORD1.WAV New Lap Record<
>RECORD2.WAV New Lap Record - Great Work.<
>ENDSTOP.WAV Late penalty. 25 seconds added to race time.<
>FLAGPENQ.WAV Yellow flag ignored. Lost fastest lap.<

>PIT1.WAV Pit Stop problem - jack caught<
>PIT2.WAV Pit Stop problem - car stalled<
>PIT3.WAV Pit Stop problem - jammed wheel <
>PIT4.WAV Pit Stop problem - old wheel still in place<
>PIT5.WAV Pit Stop problem - refuelling hose jam<
>PIT6.WAV Pit Stop problem - car malfunction - driver out!<
>PIT7.WAV Pit Stop problem - fire! Fire! Driver out!<
>PIT8.WAV Pit Stop AOK. Car leaving pits.<

@Jops - a solid history lesson! You make a good point though, is lack of funding the cause of poor cars under great designers. Perhaps that can be factored into the car design calcuation. i.e. the previous years budget (if the game has this figure handy at the time of completing the design work) can influence the quality of the design. If you are Minardi and hire Adrian Newey, your resources may only allow him to develop a 50% car instead of a 100% car. Once you start showing a decent budget year after year, it raises that efficiency level.
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Re: Gameplay improvement - need your ideas!

Postby Jops » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:07 pm

Literally havent heard a single one of those highlighted
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Re: Gameplay improvement - need your ideas!

Postby Veedub » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:59 am

Yea I'm not sure if the game ever factored in the scenario of a driver crashing in qualifying. For example, what if you entered a car with high wear/damage and then ran out of fuel during qualifying, causing more damage. Is there ever a point where car three is used? And never heard of a yellow flag in qualifying either - as the AI never retires in qually, only the player if they run out of gas. Not sure if that even throws a yellow flag.

Some good news on the commentary front - while the game has 357 commentary items in the text file, it looks like the game allocates space for 370, so potentially, another 13 sounds could be added. Given we need 15 spaces to fill out the extra three drivers we're adding, sacrificing a couple of the red lines, along with the 13 new spaces could get us to 15. Then would come the mammoth task of remapping the lines to the game code and reordering the lines in the file so the game can iterate through 44*5 driver sounds instead of 41*5. At least there is some possibility on that front should we get to that point.
There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care a straw who gets the credit for it.
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