What am I up to?

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What am I up to?

Postby Veedub » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:33 am

Well it's almost been three months since the release of GPWEdit v1.0 and we have had over 50 downloads so far! Not an jaw dropping number by any means but for those that have tried the editor, I hope that it has been fun to play around with. :1cool:

What am I up to? Well I thought I'd create this thread just to share my thoughts about anything I'm working on, so anyone still interested in the game can follow along. For those new to the forum, I use this game as a project to continuously improve my programming ability and try new ideas out. While at the same time, hopefully my efforts bring improvements to the game and give it an even longer lease of life.

So in the last few months I've had a bit of a breather and now I'm back into coding a better framework that connects all the game files to the editor. And the plan is to use this framework for both the GPWEdit and F1MPEdit editors. The key enhancement brought by this work will be better language support for all three languages in GPW and hopefully easier code to work with when I go public with the code. I also plan to make the code .NET Core compatible, which may allow the editor to be used on other operating systems, if that's ever required.

Other plans in the short term for GPWEdit include enabling the track editor, allowing default viewport configuration and shortcut key improvements. How long will this take? A long time, but rest assured I am still working on the game and I'll try to update everyone at least every three months or sooner on my progress. :1tongue:
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