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Re: GPW bugs and fixes

Postby JayOTT » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:20 am

Thank you for continuing to watch my play-through ;)

Veedub wrote:Note to self:
Blue flag penalties given to damaged cars.

Blue flags are weird in general. The only constant seems to be that you see more of them in wet weather. I would be okay with drivers getting penalised for causing the collision, but only after they've had a chance to repair the damage first. This may not be possible depending on how freely you can change the game code.

Assigning set up points sometimes loses a point when maxing out.

Possible issue with the speed of the virtual machine, and you might be unable to reproduce the problem when using other methods of running the game.

When spare car is used in race, wear is applied to original car and race wear is not calculated from spare car condition.

Adding on to this, the game seemingly doesn't apply the wear to the original car after the race, but rather takes how worn that car would have been, then applies that number to the spare car regardless of how worn the spare car was before.

Retirement reasons Unknown and Driver , rename to Refueling failure and Stamina?

Personally I would call these retirements 'Pitstop Error' and 'Spun Off'. The latter is what they usually class driver errors as in F1 retirement logs.
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Re: GPW bugs and fixes

Postby RacerBG » Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:23 am


GPW 1.03 is running just fine with my Windows 7 x64 laptop right now! :1smiley: I only wonder why I need to set the compatability mode to Windows 98/ME but this is not a big issue.

However Alt+Tab works only in one direction. When I try to go back to the game - it crashes...
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Re: GPW bugs and fixes

Postby Veedub » Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:46 am

Great to hear your back in the game RacerBG! Yea ALT-TAB or ALT-ESC will always be dodgy under newer OSes. Many, many, many games of the same era struggle with this issue, so not likely something that can ever be fixed. A few more bugs I've identified in a test game I've been playing:

* All testing data acquired the previous season is lost at start of new season. It does not carry over to the new season (all six testing aspects).

* Signing a test driver for 1+ years (e.g. 3+ years) shows on the drivers screen as having a longer contract (e.g. 1998 signing of 3+ years shows contract until 2005). Appears to correct itself to 2001 on start on new season.

* Cant hire engineering contractors when in debt but can spend money on everything else.

* Design progress is lost on driver aids from previous season. When putting 1% on the driver aid, appears to complete after one race, possibly demonstrating that the progress is still retained but not represented correctly on screen following the change in season. Same may apply for technology items?
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Re: GPW bugs and fixes

Postby Ferrim » Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:27 pm

I've just found out something about the pitstop bug: it isn't actually related to car numbers, but (probably) to pit slots or something. During the second season I've had Barrichello (Stewart, car 9) enter the pits followed by Trulli (Prost, car 21) and Takagi (Jordan, car 17). They left the pitlane Takagi-Trulli-Barrichello, inconsistent with car numbers but completely consistent with the car numbers their teams had the previous season, that means, in the default game.

I'm guessing pitlanes aren't switched around after the first season, so it's still Jordan, Prost, Stewart even if the car numbers suggest otherwise.
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Re: GPW bugs and fixes

Postby Veedub » Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:22 am

Cool, I've suspected the same, good to see it confirmed. Or in other words, if you play as Minardi, even if your car numbers are 1 and 2 (because your now a giant killing championship team), your car numbers are still effectively 22 and 23, so you will still get held up in the pits behind other teams. Sad but I think it's true - you just don't notice these things as much when you are at the front of the field.
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Re: GPW bugs and fixes

Postby Veedub » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:51 am

Another minor bug, if you have a driving aid and it's waiting on construction (FIA approved or not), if you discover a higher level driving aid from another team and copy the design, it will forget about the driving aid you had in construction and move the driving aid a level higher than you had, and queued for construction. Thanks to DefinitelyZero's Let's Play youtube vids for this one!

And just adding the two hour bug to the list:
There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care a straw who gets the credit for it.
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