Track editing brainstorm

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Track editing brainstorm

Postby Veedub » Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:00 am

While it's on my brain, it's probably well worth sharing my thoughts about track editing. I saw something the other day that made me think that we may be able to edit the tracks in this game and perhaps even create new tracks. Sadly I'm busy enough as it is but perhaps I can inspire others. With the game now working on Windows 10, there could be many gaming years left in this old girl. But how would we update the photographs of the track in the dry and the wet? Well hopefully we can find a way to insert a flyable drone into your favourite F1 racing sim and take our own digital photographs of the track pieces we need. And then animate the cars to suit.

Let's try and decode sample of the files in the Australian Grand Prix track folder (.\gpw\tracks0). Each track folder is indexed from 0 to 15 (i.e. 16 tracks) to match the calendar order of races.

Code: Select all
auz.rti - "race time information" ??? open it in notepad and you will see filenames to track images and numbers between them. Is this some sort of time/distance measurement between each piece of track?  What would happen if you halved the number of images?

mmauz.mmp - "mini map pixels" ??? open it in a hex editor and the data looks like it plots the XY coordinates that the car numbers will follow on the track minimap. perhaps the magic numbers in the above rti file relate to the mmp file? Could we make cars follow the new layout of the first chicane at Monza? An updated bus stop at Spa?  The track images may not match... yet but may be worth an experiment.

mmauz.TGA - "mini map" image - nothing magic here, could do with some modernising. I imagine the mmp file follows the middle of the black track line.


Auz00.tga - a track image in the dry

Auz00a.tga - a transparency layer image to hide the cars as they pass behind a barrier or bridge

AUZ00W.TGA - a track image in the wet


The E3D files (Ed's 3D files?) I suspect are animation keyframe details. So when a car is rendered over a track photograph, it is just following an animation path that moves, rotates and scales the car as required to make it look realistic.

Let's look at the start finish straight track piece:

AUZ00.E3D - a general animation path?
AUZ00A.E3D - grid getaway animation?
AUZ00B.E3D - grid getaway animation?
AUZ00L.E3D - grid lineup animation?
AUZ00R.E3D - grid lineup animation? (not used for retirements on grid)
AUZ00O.E3D - animation path cars take when overtaking?

Let's look at the second corner track piece:

AUZ06.E3D - a general animation path?
AUZ06R.E3D - animation path cars take when retiring to the side of the track?

Auz06.tga - a track image in the dry
Auz06a.tga - a transparency layer image to hide the cars as they pass behind a barrier or bridge
auz06w.tga - a track image in the wet

So should we be able to understand the E3D files to change the car animations, and how the RTI and MMP files work, maybe that is all we need. I'm secretly hoping that any specific track details are all in each track folder and that the game executable doesn't care what folder it loads.

Has anyone tried to move around tracks/track folders to adjust the race calendar before?

I also notice that certain track segments will allow passing, or retirements, or perhaps tankslappers to happen whereas other track segments dont (this may be something that is defined by the absence or presence of a specific EDY file). So let's say Takagi takes out your rear wing, it may be that its a random chance that the car will retire at one of the next three or four retirement points that are available in the lap.

Edit: Track characteristics are stored in the game executable but are editable. But hopefully all other track type logic, like length and timing of a lap is contained with the track folder files itself.
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Re: Track editing brainstorm

Postby Veedub » Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:49 am

Some clues in the language file.

Code: Select all
SID005205 "Failed to Load Overtaking! - %s"
SID005206 "Failed to Load Grid l! - %s"
SID005207 "Failed to Load Grid r! - %s"
SID005208 "Failed to Load Grid a! - %s"
SID005209 "Failed to Load Grid b! - %s"

Maybe the EDY files suffixed with L, R, A and B, are all for the grid lineup and get away (they do kind of zigzag over each other). Any stalled cars, simply don't move and retire on the spot. The R suffix, used on track segments other than the grid, may be the EDY that is used for retirements. And O must obviously be the overtaking EDY.

The game might be detecting the right track folder to (and country abbreviation prefix/suffix) from the following language file entries.

Code: Select all
SID005210 "1"
SID005211 "Brz"
SID005212 "2"
SID005213 "Arg"
SID005214 "3"
SID005215 "San"
SID005216 "4"
SID005217 "Spa"
SID005218 "5"
SID005219 "Mon"
SID005220 "6"
SID005221 "Can"
SID005222 "7"
SID005223 "Fre"
SID005224 "8"
SID005225 "Bri"
SID005226 "9"
SID005227 "Aut"
SID005228 "A"
SID005229 "Ger"
SID005230 "B"
SID005231 "Hun"
SID005232 "C"
SID005233 "Bel"
SID005234 "D"
SID005235 "Ita"
SID005236 "E"
SID005237 "Lux"
SID005238 "F"
SID005239 "Jap"
SID005240 "0"
SID005241 "Auz"

And the thing that really got me excited are these entries, which with any luck are keys that are functional in the game as an EDY creator/editor. We just have to find the magic key to enable this tool and the reference keyboard shortcuts (and I may know where that key is - more research required).

Code: Select all
SID005080 "Ed Debug: .overtaking >50"
SID005081 "o"
SID005082 "l"
SID005083 "r"
SID005084 "a"
SID005085 "b"
SID005086 "Trk:"
SID005087 "%s Mouse X = %d Y = %d"
SID005088 "Cam View Y <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005089 "Cam View Z <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005090 "Cam Pos  Y <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005091 "Cam Pos  Z <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005092 "FOV      X     <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005093 "FOV      Y     <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005094 "Car      Z      <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005095 "Car Rot Y    <<<<1>>>> = %f"
SID005096 "Edit Camera View: %f"
SID005097 "Edit Camera Pos: %f"
SID005098 "Edit Camera UpVec: %f"
SID005099 "Edit Car: %f Point %d of %d Spd %f Y %f"
SID005100 "Zoom+ Zoom-      CamX=ViewX  ViewX=CamX"
SID005101 "Marker: Delete  Load  Save ShowToggle"
SID005102 "Marker: Prev  Next  Add"
SID005103 "Marker: X <<<<1>>>>"
SID005104 "Marker: Z <<<<1>>>>"
SID005105 "C Speed:  <<<<1>>>>         Mass Speed Update"
SID005106 "Key - R change Edit mode, F5 Save, U Load."
SID005107 "F8 Mark Point, 1 Run, F11 Other Windows."
SID005108 "F7 Replace Point, F9 Delete point, O,P,9 Move to points."
SID005109 "G Gridlines, T Ghost Cars, XRot A,Z YRot S,X ZRot D,C."
SID005110 "QWE Clear Rot, 3,4 Edit Amount 5,6 Car speed."
SID005111 "Drive - Arrow Forward plus Left and Right."
SID005112 "BACK Wireframe DEL Plan view."
SID005113 "Keypad - 8,2 is Y 4,6 is X 1,3 is Z +,- next frame."

So all these glitches that we see with the existing tracks, may actually be some sort of timing/calculation glitch in the RTI and EDY files that causes cars to teleport when overtaking/being overtaken. Perhaps we can fix that one day...
There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care a straw who gets the credit for it.
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Re: Track editing brainstorm

Postby Ferrim » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:48 pm

Although I can't contribute too much on this topic, I want to thank you for your work on this game. I would certainly like some changes and fixes in the existing circuits, although I understand that we are a long way from that.
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Re: Track editing brainstorm

Postby Veedub » Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:17 am

Thank you, no problem at all. I enjoy the challenge and seeing you guys create the mods. :1smiley:

Welcome to the Australian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps. The climate, track characteristics and number of laps may be similar to Albert Park but dont be fooled, the laptimes are not. :1laugh:


Well so this proves, hopefully, that each "trackX" folder is interchangable, so theoretically, you can adjust the race calendar order. Of course, you would just need to update the game executable and the language file to suit your new order. All I did was copy TrackC and make it the new Track0, and edit the english.txt file so that "Auz" was "Bel". The editor i'm working on currently supports changing the number of laps and track characteristics and statistics. So that's a start, especially if we find a way to create new tracks to replace an existing track. I imagine the max will always be 16 tracks. No realistic way around that.

I was watching some old 1994 races on TV today and I reckon that we may be able to screenshot and crop TV shots to make the track pieces we need to form a new race track. Maybe you could create a custom track and use old race footage (Kyalami, Estoril, Fuji etc.) to make it look legitimate. Or even, you could standardise some corners and generate animations for each, and then reuse the same material over and over in custom tracks.

Anyway, before that all that happens I need to see if there is a built-in animation tool we can enable and learn to use.
There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care a straw who gets the credit for it.
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Re: Track editing brainstorm

Postby Veedub » Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:42 am

Found it :1shocked:


Someone will need to write a guide on how to use it properly but I think it will do what we need it to do for us. Still a hack job to get access to it, so I still need to work out how the original developers launched it and used it. So sadly I cant tell you how to get to it yet. Stay tuned!
There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care a straw who gets the credit for it.
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Re: Track editing brainstorm

Postby JayOTT » Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:19 am

The work you put into cracking the game code continues to be amazing. You're edging closer and closer to that crossover point where GPW will be more moddable than GPM2. Future season mods will be great if custom tracks become doable. And even better if modern fuel and tyre rules can plausibly be coded in.

Would you mind me asking if I can get PM'ed a list of the exact chassis performance values in version 1.01? The graph is an imprecise thing to read and I'm just curious (will not publicly reveal the values).
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