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F1 2017 Predictions

Postby Sean » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:52 am

1. Mercedes - I still expect them to be the team to beat although I don't think they will dominate as much as we have seen since 2014.

2. Red Bull - I see them closing the gap to Mercedes more than any other team and I expect to see a championship battle between Red Bull and Mercedes as well but with Mercedes still winning overall in the end.

3. Ferrari - After a letdown in 2016 they come back stronger picking up 1 or 2 wins at least this time they still aren't capable of challenging for the championship though but at least show some signs of good progress.

4. McLaren - I really think 2017 will be the year McLaren makes that big step forward I am going to say they get at least 1 podium finish along with consistently finishing in the points. They will still be a bit far off from the top 3 teams but occasionally could beat them.

5. Force India - A good 2016 season gives me a reason to place them as the 5th best team overall I think they will be close to McLaren as well and maybe a podium finish for them could also be possible.

6. Renault - With a team that has a big budget and a lot of resources I really think they will take a huge step up in performance in 2017 and become a consistent point scorer sort of close to what we saw McLaren doing in 2016 that's where I think Renault will be.

7. Williams - With Pat Symonds leaving the team at the end of 2016 I'm not sure if this will be a good or bad thing for Williams but I'm going for bad I think they will slip down the grid but still be a pretty solid midfield team capable of scoring points even challenging teams like Renault, Force India and McLaren for points.

8. Toro Rosso - Similar place to where we usually see them a capable point scorer.

9. HAAS - I think they will finish around the same place as 2016 a few point finishes throughout the season.

10. Sauber - After a horrible 2016 season they come back stronger and capable of challenging HAAS, Toro Rosso and perhaps even Williams. As for points maybe a few point finishes.

11. Manor - Still expect them to be at the back but the gap between them and the likes of Sauber and HAAS isn't too big and will be capable of racing and beating them.
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Re: F1 2017 Predictions

Postby sionco » Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:08 pm

Some good predictions there!
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Re: F1 2017 Predictions

Postby JayOTT » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:51 am

I won't make any concrete predictions, as it's a new formula next season and we really don't know who is going to rise and who will fall.

However I suspect that it will be a two way battle between Mercedes and Red Bull for the championship. The outcome will likely depend on whether or not Mercedes are able to properly adapt to the new chassis formula, as you wouldn't bet against Red Bull being able to adapt to any chassis formula.

If Mercedes can adapt, their engine advantage should net them another title, though I wouldn't put it past Ricciardo and Verstappen to overcome a minor performance deficit and steal the title for Red Bull. Just not a more significant one. They're still only human after all.

Ferrari may have to settle for another season of re-building after letting go of James Allison, but I can't see anyone taking 3rd away from them. After that however it's a big question mark as to who will take 4th.

I can realistically see any of 4 teams taking it but all have their question marks; Force India doesn't have a huge budget but are generally superb at building cars for the money they have. McLaren may have the chassis, but I think it's going to take one more season for the Honda engine to truly be up to par.

Toro Rosso could be a dark horse, since they came 7th last season despite using outdated engines. And Renault do have the budget, and a team only a few years removed from two straight 4th place seasons as Lotus.

I didn't mention Williams in that pack, because I have a feeling they're going to plummet. I just don't think Lance Stroll is ready for prime-time, there's been lingering money concerns, and if they're really bringing back Massa I don't think he's going to be fast, since if he was ready to retire his heart might not be in it anymore.

Haas is an enigma. They received a lot of help from Ferrari with their 2016 car, what happens if and when that help is withdrawn? And depending on what engines they can get, Manor may be able to overtake Sauber as the latter has signed a deal for outdated engines already. And if any of the other teams bottles their chassis design, it's not unreasonable to think that both Manor and Sauber may be able to gain another position or two on the grid.
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Re: F1 2017 Predictions

Postby JayOTT » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:45 am

Looking back at that prediction 2 and a half months later...

There might be a two-way battle for the championship yet, but it's Mercedes vs Ferrari and not Red Bull. I honestly thought that Ferrari would take longer than this to be strong again after firing James Allison mid-last season, but I failed to factor in what they stood to gain from ending R&D on the 2016 car early to concentrate on the 2017 car. It's still Mercedes on top for now, but the gap is now narrow enough to give us hope that they will lose more than three races this time.

Red Bull on the other hand are well below where I thought they'd be, though still 3rd due to no-one standing out in the midfield. But there are some serious handling problems with that car, as the back end shouldn't be coming unstuck in the middle of a medium-high speed corner (Ricciardo's spin in Q3). Perhaps I also oversold Ricciardo and Verstappen in my previous post; they're great drivers, but so are Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Raikkonen.

Out of all of the drivers who could've been best of the rest, Grosjean in the Haas was very low on my list. Big surprise to see Haas (or at least, half of Haas) do so well. Massa did well all things considered, and Toro Rosso are in a better position than they were at the end of last season, demonstrating the benefit of not having an outdated engine, even if it's only a Renault.

PS: Giovinazzi was pretty good in his first outing even if he did bottle his final run in Q1. Fared a lot better than the 4 drivers behind him, who all got blown out by their respective team-mates. Also as an Australian, I'm just hoping now that Red Bull don't have to replace Ricciardo's gearbox following that shunt, so that he can at least start in 10th instead of 15th...
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Re: F1 2017 Predictions

Postby Sean » Mon May 01, 2017 2:09 pm

4 races in how are things shaping up so far?

Predicted 1st
Currently 1st
Still, the team to beat but only just they are 1 point ahead of Ferrari at the moment.

Red Bull
Predicted 2nd
Currently 3rd
A bit of a let down so far with some reliability issues and the raw pace just isn't there. They are bringing upgrades to the next race in Spain so they may be able to close the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari.

Predicted 3rd
Currently 2nd
Have done so much better than I expected they have been at times faster than Mercedes.

Predicted 4th
Currently 10th
Have been the biggest let down this season so far. The Honda engine is extremely unreliable and down on a lot of power it's sad to see them struggling at the back and barely being able to complete a race. They still could improve as the season progresses.

Force India
Predicted 5th
Currently 4th
I said they would close the gap to McLaren well they have with 31 points and McLaren at 0.

Predicted 6th
Currently 8th
Scoring points in 2 of the 4 races seems a decent start its slow progress for the team but they seem to be heading in the right direction.

Predicted 7th
Currently 5th
They seem to be doing better than I expected so far and seem to have a decent car capable of scoring points.

Toro Rosso
Predicted 8th
Currently 6th
As always a difficult team to predict they seem to be doing okay so far in the points most of the time.

Predicted 9th
Currently 7th
A few reliability and unlucky moments from them but with 2 point finishes show us that they can challenge for the points again this season.

Predicted 10th
Currently 9th
The car seems much better this time and finishing mostly just outside of the points don't be surprised if you see them soon scoring points.
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