If you could make a F1 Manager Game

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If you could make a F1 Manager Game

Postby Sean » Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:08 pm

This is just a fun topic for you to dream up your F1 Manager Game so lets put it this way.

Your really rich like a billionaire or something and you start up a gaming company and hire very talented staff and you gain the rights to produce a F1 Management Game, so how would you make it since you have the team of people and money to do so?

Here's Mine

Drivers and Staff

Players can talk to their drivers and get feedback from them. Bigger teams can start up a youth academy where you can visit teenagers hoping to get into F1 one day there you can view data talk to them and if your a smaller team you will want to check if they will bring in any sponsorship money.

You will be made to attend interviews every weekend this may annoy some players so an option to turn this off would be put in but the interviews would not be repeated like what Codemasters done in their games but well thought out and you have the ability to shock the media and make headlines.

For the staff you can visit the factory and talk to all your staff and the head of the departments to check the progress, there they will be able to tell you how upgrades are going and how the progress on next years car is going. Players will be given an option to design their own F1 cars and how they look as well. Merchandise will also be included in the game where you sell t-shirts, autographed caps and shirts etc.

You will have two offices in the game your office through the winter will be where ever your team is based and through out the season you will be in a motorhome. In your office you have the ability to view things over as the race weekend progresses like check the weather, news and send emails.

Announcing The New Car

Before the season begins you can host a big event and show off your newly designed car and you can state to the media what you expect this year from the team so they know your target.

Pre Season Testing

Three whole days of testing a month before the season starts you and other teams will be in Spain at Jerez and Barcelona. The team will do all sorts of testing and practice their pit stops as well. The more running you do the more data you have but you will also want to train some staff as well so plan the testing days carefully and balanced out.

Spying! Yes hire spies to take pictures of the other teams cars so your staff can get ideas from them. But watch out other teams will attempt to spy on you as well so make sure you have high security.

Watching Races

Three different options as a tribute to GPM2 there will be a basic top down 1D view of the track but there also will be a 2D and 3D option as well. On the 3D you can view onboard footage of your two drivers and others as well. If you watch in 3D you will be on the pit wall with some of your staff there you have lots of data and you can radio your drivers messages. Everything will be displayed easily for the player to watch and manage the race like never before.

After the race depending on how well you done lets say your driver crashed then your team morale sinks and you have the job to keep everyone motivated and focused. If you finish on the podium or win a race you will appear on the podium with your driver or drivers to celebrate.

Seasonal Changes

In older games we see unrealistic changes so here it would be different the game would never put a highly rated driver in a low rated team. High rated drivers only switch with high rated teams and low rated drivers switch with low rated teams. You can play up to 10 years like in GPM2 but you can continue after that point however everyone's age will freeze to stop everyone getting too old.

Eventually you will retire in the game if you choose to end it after 10 years if you done a good job you will get a good send off.


Instead of ripping off people every year for seasonal updates and forcing them to pay a full priced game every year give the updates for free well at least for the first few years.


Players can buy classical seasons ranging from the 1950's to the current year. Buying a single year is a bit much so it would be like buy the 1980's pack and in there you have every year to play.

So that's my dream manager game.
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Re: If you could make a F1 Manager Game

Postby FRG2000 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:52 pm

My dream F1M game will be something like these:

You are a newcomer manager in F1 after winning tons of titles in lower categories and you are hired by a team(or you create one) to get the title.

In the teams you will be able to create a academy for younger drivers or even a B Team.
Every week before racing you have to answer questions,that may affect the reputation of yourself.
Good reputation have a good relation with their drivers,meanwhile bad reputation have bad relation with their drivers.Pay drivers are in the game,mostly on lower teams,which may help you with your economy.You can also test the drivers to pass a time(ej:1:32:423,etc.)

There are 6 types of difficulty:Rookie,Amateur,Semi-Pro,Pro,and expert.
When you beat 5 seasons in any difficulty you will unlock Legend,the hardest of all,in which you can only control Life(!),considered the worst F1 Team of all team.

Seasonal Changes
The game goes 1990-2013,almost 25(!) seasons.Unlike many other games,and in a similar fashion to F1 Challenge 99-02/F1 Carrer Challenge,every season has changes until we get to the teams of 2013.Another change is the same;the lower drivers go to lower teams and high drivers go to higher teams.For not saying mid-season changes included.

Announcing the Car
You can host a event to present the car,and you can even let anyone to drive the car,to increase your reputation.

Pre-Season Testing
You can test everything in Jerez and Catalunya,from driving to pit stop.

Crash Test
Hey! if your car isn't secure enough,forget about the seaason!,in this you have to pass the test,and if you do,you are great.

Watching the Race
Before the race you have two options:1D(GPM2) or 3D.Another option is that you can use a microphone to give orders to your driver,etc.Also,in 1D there is the infamous Electrical error fixed.

Mid-season testing/Young Test drivers
From 1990 to 2010 you can do Mid-season testing,to improve your car performance.2011 to 2013 have the Young driver test,so you can get a younger ride.

Rather than ripping off money from people,every time we add one season to the mod,(2014,2015),in our page,you can also search for classical seasons from 1950 to 1989

So thats my F1 Manager game.
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Re: If you could make a F1 Manager Game

Postby Hulkmaster » Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:27 pm

Premise: You have been a loyal servant to the F1 team you choose to run. The Team Principal chooses to retire, and he feels that he could do nothing more than make you the boss of the team. You need to prove him right.

Staff: The interviews you give can effect reputation of you and the motivation of your staff. Do badly but keep praising your team and you will be able to sign higher quality staff. Slag staff off, they will resign and you'll have to sign the lower quality staff.

Keeping true to contracts also effects your reputation. Sacking drivers, cancelling suppliers etc. all lowers your reputation and makes it harder to sign new deals. If a driver comes to you asking for a job, they will work cheaper than one who you enquire to.

Pay drivers lower your team's reputation. People will admire your determination of using proper drivers than signing pay drivers.

Difficulty: Same as GP World - depends on the team.

Season changes: Seasons run from 1970 up to 2013, with updates for every season. You can compete in 20 (consecutive) seasons.

Media events: You can choose to hold media events to boost your reputation. These can be car launches, driver announcements or supplier announcements. These do, however, cost money.

Testing: You can choose what is tested, including pit crew training etc.

Next season design: Your new car has to be designed, built and crash tested before it can be raced! If it isn't you'll be sacked and it's game over!

Watching the race: Onboard cameras of your cars are available, as well as the TV feed, timing screens and track map. Listen in to other radio messages to guess other team's strategies, try and judge if a safety car is coming out for accidents, and try not to give much away over your own radio!
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Re: If you could make a F1 Manager Game

Postby ivaneurope » Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:48 pm

Here's my F1 Manager Game proposal. Several elements from other sports managment games will be used.

Premise: You're ready to become a F1 Manager. Your choice is to either start from scratch or take over an existing team.

Staff: The reputation and skills of your team's staff are crucial for your team's performance. If you have low rated drivers and/or technical crew the chances for good results will be small. However with high rated staff the chances for win are the largest. However the higher the rating goes the higher will be their demands. Some drivers may sign with you but under a condition that they want your team to finish at desired place in the year they sign the contract. Otherwise they will activate a release clause in their contract and therefore they won't join. When you have young drivers the chances for better development will increase.
You can interract with your drivers and staff during press coonferences. If you praise their skills their confidence in you will increase. You can give orders to your drivers during race weekends and send them to training camps.

Pay Drivers: Those type of drivers are very risky choice, because they have average or below driving skill. Sign a pay driver only when you're in dire need of finances. Younger drivers may have better chances to improve.

Scouting: The scout feature will be included so you can track the drivers from tomorow. There are several scouting regions that you can send your scout to watch for young drivers - Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe, Southeastern Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Media Presence - you can interract with the media via press conferences, car presentation etc.. By default before and after every race weekend you'll have a meeting with the journalists. But for the other means you have to pay.

Sponsor confidence - the results on the track will be influential to The confidence of your sponsors. If the results are bad the confidece will be low and the backers may pull out their support or even to sack you. However if the results are impressive enough the sponsors will increase their sponsorship for the team.

Car design: The skills of your designing crew will also impact your car design. if the quality of the crew is poor the car's performance will be poor. Also putting more resources for the R&D than the car design this may cause the aero to not work as it should. Be sure that both design and R&D departments are balanced. Also the car must meet the crash test standarts.

Testing: You can test on maximum 5 different venues

Race Weekend: There will be 2 options - topdown view or hybrid view with onboard cameras on your cars.

DLC: The start year initially will be 2014, but there will be past season databases that will be availlable for download - FREE OF CHARGE.
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