F1 05 & 06/Championship Edition

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F1 05 & 06/Championship Edition

Postby FRG2000 » Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:35 pm

F1 05 Is a racing ''simulator'' which is based,of course in the 05 season :1cheesy: and is considered the best f1 game on ps2. :1huh: Considerably the game is TOO EASY :1laugh: but still,is a fun game for players.

F1 06/Championship Edition Is an update to the 2006 F1 Season :1cheesy: For extremely lazy,they use the F1 05 Engine :1embarassed: but the game is a little more challenging,but misses the online mode :1angry: and the Eyetoy Cameo :1angry: still is a fun game.

The already mentioned F1 CE is a graphical update of F1 06 released in 2007 :1shocked: but the game dosen't feature the 2007 season like people expect noooo, they canceled F1 07 to this to be released (crazy people :1shocked: ).
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