Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby pycku » Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:54 am

Thanks mate, if I download it once again can I play my 2000 save with proper point system?
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby pycku » Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:38 am

cartola, can you provide me a full list of achievemnts? I've been playing the game for about 100 seasons (in different campaigns) but still unlocked only 4?!

Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby cartola » Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:32 pm

You have to download the 2000 season again, the point system was corrected in the new database.

The achievements are the following:
1. FW14B
2. Sovereign
3. Black cat
4. Senna Legacy
5. Moco
6. Legendary
7. Double trouble
8. Golden scrap metal
9. Me, a loser?!
10. Forbes

Some are kinda hard to unlock, indeed!
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby pycku » Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:41 pm

Thanks, although I meant what unlocks them :) I've unlocked Moco, Forbes, Double Trouble, Sovereign and Black cat for now...
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby cartola » Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:12 am

1. FW14B - Having a perfect car (all100%'s)
4. Senna Legacy - Winning the World Constructors' Championship with a Brazilian team
6. Legendary - Having one of your former drivers as the Hall of Fame leader
8. Golden scrap metal - Winning the World Constructors' Championship with FIA Testing engines
9. Me, a loser?! - Winning the World Drivers' Championship with Barrichello

These are the ones you miss!
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby pycku » Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:09 am

Thanks! As I see most of them are related with Brazil, that is why I haven't unlocked them. As a matter of fact I am pretty sure Schumacher got # 1 in hall of fame and was my driver in one of the saves, but this didnt unlocked the Legendary achievement. I will check that later today.
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby khriztian » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:57 pm

Cartola, first of all your game is just amazing! Very immersive, addictive and fun! Been racing long term careers with the 1991 and 2000 mods. I love the way the games evolves over time with new regulations, teams being replaced and new drivers appearing, it just keeps you managing season after season.The wiki look at the season overview looks neat!

I have some suggestions:
-Team sponsors that last the whole season, and more cash sponsors.
-Merchandising income.
-Costs increments if your drivers crashes or if the engine blows up.
-Tyre wear should differ more from track to track, depending on track distance, track temperature and other track specific conditions (such as breaking, asphalt, etc).
-Wet and Intermediate tyres.
-More spins and collisions under wet weather conditions. In race weather change and weather predictions.
-Some tracks should have more probability of rain (like Interlagos and Suzuka).
-Tracks and point system should evolve with time, is kind of strange driving the same circuits from the early 90s in the late 00s.
-Next year car R&D and pre-season develpment.
-As in real life, small teams should favor more inexperienced young drivers. In the game Formula 1 tends to gets struck with way too many old drivers.
-You should be able to see the young drivers attributes, as in real life you can see how they race in the lower categories (GP2, GP3, Formula Renault, etc).
-The ability to change the team colors.
-The ability to change the driver role regardless of the current contract.
-Not all the text should be underlined, specially in the driver profile.
-Past seasons that you have played, overviews should be accessible.
-Past season champions should appear in the Honors-Champions menu.
-An editor would be awesome.

Thanks for making such a great game!!
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby cartola » Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:16 pm

Thanks for the words khriztian! Glad you liked it!

We are already having some brainstorms concerning the next version. Our team is putting some of the things we all want to see in the next version on the table, and although nothing is decided so far, we are definitely going for some depth on the game.
The game is really simple so far, and we like that. But the new version should be way more complex, with lots of new variables/functions/aspects/graphics.

Some of your suggestions were supposed to be implemented on the '14 version, but the clock was ticking and we wanted to release as soon as posible (the F1 season was already on the run).

-Brand new financial system: The sponsor + tv income is good, but a new system will be implemented to next year.
-In-race functionality: Pretty much everything will change! (tyres, weather, qualyfing format. Everything!)
-R&D: The player will have way more control over his team's cars development. From the pre-season to the last race.
-Meta Information: It would be nice to have all the history right there for you! The past seasons data, the past champions and retired drivers data, and so on. Everything should be stored in the game, so the players can access this information whenever they want.
-Drivers: We intend to make it as realistic as it can get. Not only the abilities of the drivers, but also their contracts, their position in the team, maybe even add particular personalities.

Anyway, this is just the result of some brainstorming sessions. We'll keep doing it until we reach a point where we are happy with the result!
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby Jops » Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:43 pm

Incredibly fun and addictive little game.

I agree with most of what is said on here as new features, particularly developing the next car, but can't wait to see some new versions.
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Re: Cockpit Manager '14 - New indie manager game!

Postby Tig_green » Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:04 am

Hi there,

You have taken a promising start. It's good times for racing management fans because this is the fourth WIP game I have found (others are Indie racing manager, Open wheel manager and World Championship Race Team Manager 2015). It's intresting to see if any of these will rise to a level of the new ultimate racing management game. I hope the best luck for you.

I have already tried the free version of this game. In addition what have already been said (and knowing that I'm missing some things that are in paid version), I have some suggestions (these would definitely make the game worth buying even at this point, would pay even up to 30€ if done properly).

Suggestion list:

- Long term contracts with sponsors and suppliers.

- Should be only 2 choices of tires in dry conditions

- Some map and dots moving around it at least. Something simple is enough but only text is insufficient imo, sorry. EDIT: not a deal breaker though as long as other things work.

- A picture of your car somewhere (with sponsors and paintable if possible)

- Big and small sponsors, In addition to sponsors conacting you and offering a deal you could also make an offer to a sponsor. Of course the more succesfull you are the bigger chance you have to get a big sponsor (and also most succesfull teams might get more money from a big sponsor than not so succesfull)

- Rating system for drivers up to rating 20 (just like in most games, I think that max 10 doesn't give enough diversity)

- You should get prize money also if you do exceptionally good given your ratings (/goals). So if you are Marussia and finish lets say 12th then you should get some money. And maybe if you are top end contender then you should lose some money if you don't get points (other than retirement, then you have to repair your car).

- There should be prize money given by team standings at the end of the season (even the team in the last position would get some just as in real F1)

- Rule changes? Would be good to have some... EDIT: I notice that there are some but not sure about the effects yet.

- Can a engine value change between seasons?...would be good if it does. EDIT: Seems like it changes(?)

- Would be good to see your current points and positions in the main screen.

- Too small time gaps between drivers atm (about 2,3 secs between pole and last...should be from 3-5 secs). At least in the starting season 2014.

- Maybe one or two spots for new teams to join at some point. Maybe possible?

- Would be realistic to have drivers that pay you. But if they turn out to be good then they wouldn't have to pay anymore. Also there should be sponsor bonuses with high end drivers that naturally bring in big sponsors. Is it possible to excecute?

- Laptimes should get worse with worn tyres.

- Editor for names and ratings. EDIT: I found out that you have database editor now...this should do the trick?

- Driver faces would be cool...or optionally just a helmet which would be easier to generate when new drivers appear?

- Cost for repairing your car. There could be high/medium/low damage. Repair cost shouldn't be something you can't afford, just a little extra cost. Lets say repairing damage would cost 10/25/50 dollars per car depending on damage.

- Hiring a desinger which could affect effectiveness and speed of your R&D. Of course you would have to pay them. Some randomness to it so that even the best desinger doesn't always help you to get desired results. But sometimes you could also take big leaps because of desinger (like if I decide to spend all my money to Adrian Newey with Marussia, if he even accepts to join that team, then it could turn out very profitable, or not.).

- Improving some ratings of a car, like downfore values and reability, should be possible during the season.

- Systems should have some randomness to it so that good teams wouldn't always stay the best and it would be somehow possible make Marussia a succesful team (shouldn't be easy or fast of course). EDIT: finished my first season and there seemed to be some of this like driver ability having more value... anyway, more of this kind of things :)

- In addition to prior point, you really have to think how top teams lose their position in the top. Like a team who has won 4 championships in a row. Factors that effect this are 1) losing good drivers (to other teams or by retiring from racing) 2) Losing a desinger 3) can't get the engine you want. Related to this I would like to know how eninge contracts work. Should be that many teams can have the same engine, but maybe max. 3 and if possible then there should be works/customer statuses. 4) rule changes 5) financial troubles 6) Random events, like designing of a car fails etc.

-Maybe a chance to mobile phone version with same functionality?

Hope you find this usefull and not just too long to read :D

Any estimation for the next update? Good luck!
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