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EA F1 Manager

Postby Jops » Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:27 pm

After all the in depth editing that has gone on with GPW and GPM2, I wondered if something similiar would be possible with this game, as there were some core aspects that were fairly good.

The main thing i've been wanting to do since getting into it is replace all the spare 99 drivers with real backups, like Nakano, Montoya, Verstappen, Button, Schekter, Wilson and so on. But I honestly have no idea how to change the pictures and the .txt file is very confusing to me.

I also wish we could change thr calculations of how the cars are designed in there as unlike GPW where there is sometimes change, after season 2 in this game its impossible not to win, and none of the attributes other than morale are dynamic!

It was such a waste of a decent base, like they nailed 99 and then went "ahh fuck it, no one will play it after that anyway, lets just get it shipped"
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