Running NFR on Linux

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Running NFR on Linux

Postby RacerBG » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:00 pm

Looks like my days with Linux are not over yet because nowadays Wine is more friendly with Game Maker games! :1smiley:

Here is a simple tutorial what you will need to do if you are on Linux or Mac OS X:
1. Install Wine and Winetricks (install Wine 1.7.55 or higher).
2. Open Winetricks and install "directmusic" and "dsound" to have a sound. Nowadays people prefer to have this on their PC's. :1laugh:
3. Start NFR with Wine and enjoy!

1. On my PC the sound is laggy, that's why I prefer to switch off the Game Music.
2. The game font may look different, no big deal really.
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