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F1 2011 - Codemasters

Postby Sean » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:21 pm

Massive Improvement But Some Issues Are Holding It Back - Overall 5/5


The game has improved a lot since last year but its not perfect yet. The game still has its ups and downs so lets take a look at them.

Career Mode:

They have made the paddock area more fancy with people walking around carrying boxes and tires. You are now inside your motor home thing and that weird agent women is gone! She has been replaced by a laptop now you just do all the talking and checking on it.

When you start your career you pick your name and surname etc and instead of having a choice of 3 teams like in F1 2010 you get a wider choice on who you want to start with. Virgin, HRT, Lotus, Torro Rosso, Williams and Force India. Once you've picked your team they will tell you the aims for your first season.

The career mode is similar to F1 2010 all that's changed is you can do a 3 lap race, in F1 2010 you had to do at least 10% of the race. The interviews have also improved you now only get a interview if you do really well just like in real life that would attract the media's attention. When you win you don't have to go through so many interviews just a short one in the paddock area.

The aim of your career like in F1 2011 work your way up the ladder to bigger and faster teams to become an F1 champion. Anyone can do it with all the different settings to tune it so it's doable but still a challenge.



Now you can get up to 16 players online much better than last year, you get into a race straight away. Also the AI fill in the remaining 8 cars so you can get a full 24 car grid race online now. Also you can do a championship with a friend online and have a team mate.

Splitscreen 2 Player:

I've spent a few hours playing this and found it rather good and very fun. Makes the game feel different racing against a real person. This is great for those who don't have internet. The graphics and frame rate though aren't great although this is expected but sometimes it would go slow for a few seconds.


I've noticed there's challenges you can now do basically you are given a car, track and a time to beat. This is good for those who are wanting to try something different because this wasn't in F1 2010.


Safety car has been added it appears in races that are 20% or longer I believe.
Improved physics engine, you can see your front wing wobble going over bumps.
Car handling greatly improved and feels more realistic.
Rules are not as strict.
AI have improved they try to overtake you now and defend. I've also seen the AI try and defend and fight each other so they don't only defend and fight with you.
All 2011 tracks, cars and drivers.
DRS and KERS have been added in.
Less interviews.
Cut scenes make the game feel better and more real.
While loading shows random stats.

Graphics? There seems to be mixed thoughts on this in my opinion I don't see any change at all but there seems to be a lot of people unhappy with them.
Still no parade lap.
Still no podium, the cut scene you see your drivers get out the car to go to the podium but don't see them at the podium.
Sometimes I see the AI cars at the start of the race drive through each other at the first corner like they turn into ghost cars, this isn't real at all although I'm unsure if this might be a bug.
AI cars still rarely have a engine failure or accident.
Still a few bugs and glitches about and the game has frozen on me 5 times in less than a week. Also there appears to be a set up bug which means your car gets unreal grip and control and lots of people are posting up really quick times. This is unfair on those who don't know how to do it and messes up the fastest laps list for each track online.
Loading screens, still a lot of them to go through load up the paddock then the track and each part of the weekend then cut scenes then more to get back to the paddock.


The F1 franchise by Codemasters has improved a lot within a year. With everything up to date with the latest tracks and stuff like the DRS and KERS it's a must buy for all F1 fans. However some may feel graphics aren't the best and that it isn't a big enough step forward from F1 2010. Either way to me it's one of the best racing games I've ever played.
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Re: F1 2011 - Codemasters

Postby sionco » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:26 pm

nicely done!
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Re: F1 2011 - Codemasters

Postby sionco » Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:15 am

all done and a profesional looking review:

again, feel free to make changes :1grin:
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