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GPM2 Review

Postby Sean » Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:33 pm

With nearly 2 decades under it's belt GPM2 still remains one of the best - Overall 5/5


It was based on the 1996 F1 season and the game itself was released that year. Now that the game is over 18 years old how does it stand?


The original version came with a disk that like most games you would install it off from there. Today you can download it for free and it does work on the modern operating systems if you have the patched version.

Learning How To Play

If you have played management games before you will find your way around quickly but if you are new to these types of games it can take a while but it is not difficult to learn at all and searching for questions or problems online usually helps you as well.


Many Choices

The thing I love about the game is it gives the player choices on what they want to do for example manage a fast and rich team or take a real challenge and take a backmarker to the front with a tight budget.

The other options are choosing the drivers, staff, sponsors and much more for the team you are in control of.


Playing The Game

I know of only a few games that make 1 or 2 hours go by fast and this is one of them. Once you are ready to go the fun begins your team qualifies then races. The game allows you to do several things with the races which are skip to the results, TV Mode or just watch the track. There are many options during the race for you to check which are the pit times, lap times, car parts and how likely they are to fail and so much more.

Once a race is finished you repair the car if needed usually a staff member will Email to say what needs done. There are 16 races in total to do and you can play up to 10 seasons.

Usually like in real life the FIA will change the rules during the season and when a new season begins this can mix up the teams and give the player a new challenge as well.


The Racing

While you don't control any of the cars on the track it is your job to make sure everything goes well for your team. Pick the best time when to pit and you can also communicate with the drivers through the radio.

During the races anything can happen people can stall at the race start, get drive through penalties, crash out, retire due to a technical fault, tyre bursts, engine explodes and the weather can change as well.



The main aim is to perform the best you can with the budget you have. A backmarker team with a small budget will always be harder to work with than a bigger team that already perform well and have a massive budget. As a manager you are in control of everything the staff, sponsors, drivers and what car parts you have and how much money goes to each department. If that's not enough you have to control the races as well. It may seem like a lot but it's not really just at the end of the season you usually have to look at everything but during the season your only doing race after race.


How Does It Stand Today?

Since it's release no modern management game has caught onto what made Grand Prix Manager 2 so special. It is to many a very outdated game now the graphics aren't that great and there's no way to make it go full screen. Despite this it is free to play and it doesn't take much memory up on a modern computer and still beats many modern management games out there.


Modding Community

Probably the reason why it still goes strong today for years people have been modding the game to update it to the seasons after 1996 and also before. To this day the mods continue to be made and long may it continue.


Overall 5/5

Grand Prix Manager 2 is easily one of the best racing management games ever made simply because of how long it has managed to keep racing fans playing for so long that says it all. Without a doubt I'm giving this game 5/5.
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Re: GPM2 Review

Postby sionco » Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:30 pm

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