Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - NES

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Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - NES

Postby ivaneurope » Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:36 pm

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge was released for the NES/Famicom worldwide in 1992.

You're driving for the Ferrari Formula 1 team in a bid to become the next F1 champion. When you start the game you have the option to select 2 options - Qualify and Practice modes. In the Qualify mode you enter your driver name while the three dots in the end are the three letter nation code. The game doesn't vertify if the code represents a real-life nationality (Like USA or GBR), which means that the player can make up his own nationality. Next you can choose with what type of gearbox will play - 3 speed or automatic

The calendar itself is based on the 1990 F1 season with the exception that the Spanish GP is on the Circuit de Catalunya instead of Jerez.

When you take on the championship you start your journey with first trying to qualify for the GP. In order to do that you have to finish with a time quicker than the Qualifying Time. If you fail to pass the limit you won't be allowed to go to the race. There is another lap time you can beat - if you beat it as well you'll be awarded with the pole postion.

In the actual race there are 6 laps with 3 sectors in each lap. The race is done on the elimination basis - passing the sector line the last in the sector is eliminated. If you're last this means you're out.

With advancing in the field the difficulty of the drivers in front of you will increase. The last 3 drivers are the hardest - they will allways find a way to block your overtaking path and the chances for collision is larger.

During the race an obstacles may jump in front of you - mostly cars with a broken engine. If you hit one of those cars you're out of the race.

The pitstops are also here. If you feel that the tires are worn, you can allways change them for a new ones. This will cost you places, but you can allway win them back.

The graphics aren't what would you expect from an F1 game, but this is due to the NES graphic limitations. The graphic interface is good - you have on the bottom on your screen there is a panel rear view mirror, a radio and indicating on which lap at what position you are, and the track layout indicating where you are and where the top 3 are. The backgrounds are well made for an NES game.

The car sound is not thad bad and the skiding sound is well made. But what makes the game IMO is the soundtrack. In Qualify mode (and Practice if you complete Qualify) there are 4 songs with 4 tracks have one of the songs. The music is very catchy and interesting.

The gameplay is not that special - you can even turn at the corners with full speed. One noticable thing is is the password save feature - if you want to resume your game at later point you can do it when you choose the Qualify mode it has the option to restore your save by entering the password.

I think this game is better than most Formula based games for the NES. The Qualify mode is a challenging, but more interesting when you make your way from the back of the field.

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Re: Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - NES

Postby sionco » Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:16 am

thanks, that's great! long and a good review! :1wink:

I'm without internet at the moment, but I'll get it uploaded as soon as possible!
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