Tool: GPWEdit v1.1 - Upgrade and modify GPW!

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Tool: GPWEdit v1.1 - Upgrade and modify GPW!

Postby Veedub » Fri Mar 01, 2019 8:15 am

GPWEdit v1.1 - Upgrade and modify your Grand Prix World game


The following prerequisites are required:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 (x86 and x64)
To install, extract the zip archive to a temporary folder and double click the setup.exe file to launch the installer. The installation will be automatic and once complete, will launch the editor. You should be able to find and relaunch the editor from the start menu for future use.

Warning: Make a back up of all your game folders and files in case anything goes very wrong! I recommend you run several installations of the game so you can keep you mod work separate from your gameplay.

If you are new to GPW Edit, read on. Existing users can skip to the Existing Users section below.

Find yourself a copy of Grand Prix World and install it to your harddisk. A good location might be C:\Gpw. A not so good location is the suggested C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroProse\Grand Prix World folder, as to be able to modify files in that location, you will need to use administrator rights on every file, requiring you to run GPW Edit as an administrator.

When you run GPW Edit for the first time, you will be prompted to configure your Grand Prix World installation folder. This will help set the paths to the files you wish to modify.

You should start by clicking on the Upgrade Game button to set up your Grand Prix World installation to support the editor. This will automatically install official version v1.01b over the top of your base GPW installation. After clicking the Upgrade button, it may take 30-60 seconds for the upgrade to complete and a message will appear once done. You should only ever run the Upgrade process once.

From here, you can use the other features of the editor. The general rule of thumb is to remember to always Import first, make your changes, then Export.

GPW Editor v1.1 only supports games and game executables that have been modified with GPW Editor v1.1. Saved game files can still be edited with other editors however.

Existing Users of GPW Edit

Please remove GPW Edit v1.0 from Programs and Features prior to installing GPW Edit v1.1, however both installations can sit side by side, if desperately required. There are a number of changes to the user interface in v1.1 but otherwise the editor is similar in operation. I recommend you run the Upgrade process on a new installation of GPW, as the editor does not support gpw.exe files modified with the earlier GPW Edit v1.0 (or hacked executables like gpwv103b.exe etc.) In future versions of the editor I hope to maintain backward compatibility with v1.1 changes. The upgrader will automatically install official version v1.01b. You should only ever run the Upgrade process once. You no longer need to use LexxEditor to update the game year or sponsors/suppliers, as this is now supported in GPW Edit v1.1 through the Configure Game and Game Executable Editor windows. Remember always to Import first, make your changes, then Export. At any time you can switch between the Configure Game and the Game Executable Editor windows as there are no dependancies between the two but remember to export before you switch. These windows are deliberately kept separate to have a division between ingame configuration options vs ingame statistical data.

Note: Newer versions of Windows might keep a lock on executable files when you are browsing the game folder in Windows Explorer. So if you are using GPW Edit, I recommend you close Windows Explorer or navigate out of the game folder that you are editing, so that GPW Edit can write changes to the selected game executable.

The game does work flawlessly under Windows 10 either when using DxWnd or DDrawCompat and after upgrading with GPW Edit v1.1. Results may vary depending on your system configuration but feel free to ask for help.

If there are any bugs (and I'm sure there will be), please reply here and I will line them up for fixing in the next release.
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