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Contribute to the blog

Postby sionco » Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:41 pm

We're looking for blog posts for website blog.

Your blog post can be about anything related to F1 games or racing in general.
Some ideas:
1. A guide on how to edit part of a game or create graphics.
2. An update of your latest progress on a mod.
3. A small review of a game, if you want to write a long review, please submit it to the Games Review section)
4. Are you making a racing game? We'd be happy to post regular updates about your game.
5. Are you looking forward to a game that's not out yet, give us your thoughts.
6. Your thoughts on real life racing, such as F1.
7. Tell us about what you use to programme games.
8. Do you want to tell us about what graphics software you are using to create / edit graphics in a mod or new game, write about it.

If you want to be published, you can get in contact with me in 3 ways:
1. Post your text for the blog here, under this.
2. Send an email to me (
3. If you've already posted something in the forum, post the link here.

Many thanks, and let's make this website and community grow!
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