Grand Prix Manager 2 Multiplayer

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Grand Prix Manager 2 Multiplayer

Postby Alonso0506 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:54 pm

Hello Guys i am new on this forum and id like to say hello.

I do have a question regarding GPM2 and its Multiplayer function. I would like to play MP but using the 1996 Season for it is getting boring at some point so i wanted to ask how i could implement the mods for the MP ?

I have seen that on the wikipedia page someone wrote that its possible to play the multiplayer with mods but all i can use is the base game 1996 with all the standard names etc... like newhouse.

If anyone has an idea it would be very welcomed.

Also id like to say i find it great that lots of people still care about the old f1 managers. I more or less got every manager and its good to see people still make mods for most of them. I used to make mods myself for Grand Prix World but thats ages ago.

but yeah thats it for now. Im sure i got many questions left :1grin:
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