Version 1.4 out, on sale until August 29

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Version 1.4 out, on sale until August 29

Postby JayOTT » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:35 am

Have a look at the patch notes, they've added a lot of extra features to this game now and fixed many of 1.31's problems; ... 2319185785

66% sale too, so another golden opportunity to purchase MM if you haven't yet. I can't say much about the game that I haven't already said; you will enjoy it if you purchase it, and if not I'm giving you permission to e-punch me :1laugh:.

The two paid DLC packs are nice, but not buying them won't have that big of an impact on your base game experience. So you can pass on them at first and maybe buy them later if you're really enjoying the game.
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