I'm doing a YT series of this game also

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I'm doing a YT series of this game also

Postby JayOTT » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:00 am

I suspect that most users of this forum will have already noticed this play-through if not necessarily watched it, but nonetheless I wanted to make it visible here as well, as it might help me get a few extra views from people who may be interested; ... shdfDHFMit

I'll admit that the play-through isn't breaking any new ground, being another vanilla game Predator campaign. The main difference is that I started mine after the big version 1.3 update, whereas most Predator games you'll find on YT were started during the version 1.0-1.2 days of MM.

The videos are very long compared to an average GPW episode of mine, but that is because every part after the first part contains two races instead of just one. Also, keeping the video length down whilst still making the events that are occurring in game easy enough to follow is a tough balancing act.
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