Rebalanced car development

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Rebalanced car development

Postby JayOTT » Wed May 10, 2017 7:24 am

I made a simple mod to potentially fix three minor issues;

1. Engines being overpowered. I can't do much short of modding the DesignData files, but this mod does make engines more expensive to develop, and also changes the ChampionshipMaxStat values to reduce the relative impact of engine upgrades, whilst increasing the impact of any non-engine upgrade.

2. Not enough disparity in car performance in the GT Series. I get that real life GT racing is often closely matched, but that's what spec parts are for, so I significantly lowered the ChampionshipMaxStat values in both GT championships to make car performance more significant.

3. Removal of 'bad' part components from the list of possibilities to limit the potential damage that bad RNG rolls can do to your ability to develop the car. I haven't removed RNG entirely; some components are still objectively better than others, but now there's less 'fake' difficulty.

This works for both the player and the AI, so the game should still be just as challenging as before. ... =922346782
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