Additional modding information

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Additional modding information

Postby Veedub » Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:58 am

For anyone looking to learn more about the game or for modding information, refer to the Simtek forums -

tyred2010 created an executable patch/modder.
Download links are broken - PM me if you have any of these files.

DSR created a 2010 mod. Was there a v093b or v094 version?
Download links are broken - PM me if you have any of these files. ... -v092.html ... -v093.html

I've also found out the below information about the game, which may help out anyone who wants to look at the 3D engine, track definitions, carshapes etc. It also may or may not relate to the way that in-game images are drawn/rendered.

F1 Manager Pro appears to use BRender as its graphics engine.

In the game's readme.txt file there is a reference to BRender. Fortunately, there are also some crazies who love the old Carmageddon games who may have done the hard work for us, if we can find a way to reverse engineer F1 Manager Pro and get the data out of the resource (RSC) files.

Heaps of BRender reference material and downloads available here:

BRender (Blazing Renderer) by Argonaut Technologies Limited:

The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2:
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