GPM2 - Portuguese Language Version

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GPM2 - Portuguese Language Version

Postby Giovani Sàntana » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:36 pm

Hi all.

I've edit this game some years ago and make the mods for 1987 & 1988 season. Some personal problems and a disinterest for the game make me get out from GPM2 and this forum abruptly (I'd like to apologize for this, because I promised to help in some mods here and I didn't do it.).
But I recovered contact with the GPM2 in last year's 2nd half and I've start a project for my last act for this game: make a version with my native language (portuguese). I've finish it in September but I opted to not release. Until I decided to do a video about GPM2 in my Youtube channel and I released my translated version over there.
So I thought: Why not post this here as well? Well, this is an english-language forum but when it comes to GPM2 here will be the first place to be accessed, independent of language.

And here is GPM2 em português



My video about the game and the portuguese version (in portuguese):

Obs: Is not a comeback from my part. As I said, I see this as my last act of edit in GPM2.
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Re: GPM2 - Portuguese Language Version

Postby favieremark » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:17 pm

Obrigado pelo trabalho cara, de coração. Mesmo tendo jogado jogos em inglês durante toda a minha vida, ter agora, a chance de o fazer em português, será mágico.

Thanks for your work.
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