Taking Marussia to the top

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Taking Marussia to the top

Postby hickto » Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:05 pm

Hi all

I've decided to document my 2012 campaign with Marussia... and I will do this as like a Blog type theme.

New Team Principle at Marussia
14th November, 2011

Following on from the re-brand of the team from Virgin Racing to Marussia F1, it has been confirmed today that Marussia have appointed a new Team Principle ahead of the 2012 season. Since joining the Formula One paddock in 2010 under than name of Virgin Racing, Marussia have failed to get the grips with the sport and start moving up the field.

Cory Hickton will take over from John Booth as the Team Principle at Marussia and will certainly be looking to make an impact in next year’s Formula One season.

I have been lucky enough to get a brief interview with Cory Hickton, the new Team Principle.

Interviewer: What made you apply for the role of Team Principle at a team such as Marussia?
Cory Hickton: The challenge mainly, I mean they have been racing in Formula One for the last 2 seasons and have yet to break into the points nor challenge the midfield teams. It’s something I can really get stuck into and hopefully start pushing the team forward.

Interviewer: How are you going to push the team forward then? Let’s face it, the team haven’t really made any big leaps since starting out in 2009.
Cory Hickton: John [Booth] built a solid foundation for me to work from. We already have some really good engineers and designers, it’s just about making the right changes with the leadership team to drive the team forward and start getting the results we’re looking for.

Interviewer: So what is it you’re hoping to achieve in 2012?
Cory Hickton: Points, we’re looking hard at points. Not consistent points, but some points on the board is our aim next season. Three years is a long time in Formula One and is an even longer time to not score points. From there we can then build and build to look at scoring consistently in the next few years.

Interviewer: You don’t come from a Formula One background, what make you think you can make it work here?
Cory Hickton: Formula One is as much a business as it is a sport these days. Each team is in effect its own company, and regardless of what the company specialises in, I am here to make the right decisions within the team and get the right people working in the right places. I don’t personally think you need a Formula One background to succeed here. Look at Bernie [Ecclestone], he was a used car salesman before he managed a team, now look at him and where he has got to.

One thing is for certain, things are either going to drastically improve at Marussia, or they are going to continue to run at the back of the pack along with Caterham and HRT.
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Re: Taking Marussia to the top

Postby hickto » Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:08 pm

Winter Testing - Marussia
3rd March 2012

Marussia completed around 200 laps of testing at Silverstone this week. The main aim of the test was Max Chilton completing some really long runs working on reliability and chassis performance. The quickest time set by the young reserve drivers was a 1:32.542. This time is still quite some pace off the leaders, though has proved the team have made progress over the winter.

Timo Glock and Charles Pic both completed several runs, mainly focusing on further setup tuning and pit stop practice. I asked Timo Glock how he was getting on with this year’s car.

Interviewer: Timo, since joining the team back in 2010 when they first entered, how does this car compare to its predecessors?
Timo Glock: The car this year is very different, there have been a few rule changes this year, especially around the blown diffuser, but the foundations for a decent car are there.

Interviewer: You sound fairly optimistic then?
Timo Glock: You could say I’m feeling optimistic yeah. The car is around a second quicker than last year’s already and I know there will be more parts coming through the year. The cassis feels ridged and responds well, that’s something us drivers like other than the speed of the car.

Interviewer: How has Cory Hickton settled into the team now?
Timo Glock: Cory is a great guy and seems to know what he’s doing. Some of the plans over the next few years look and sound rather big, but if its going to move the team up the leader board, then it needs to be done. We’ve lingered down at the bottom of the list for the last two years now, maybe under his control we can start attacking the midfield teams by the end of this year.

Well, Glock sounded very optimistic in his interview with me. I expect Marussia may make some ground on Caterham and HRT this year, maybe even beat them in the championship this year, but if the pace from this week is anything to go by, then I don’t think we’ll see many points on the board just yet.
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Re: Taking Marussia to the top

Postby hickto » Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:12 pm

Round 1 - Australia
17th March, 2011

1st HAM
2nd ALO
3rd MAS
4th BUT
5th VET
6th WEB
7th SCH
8th KOB
9th RAI
10th GRO

21st GLO
23rd PIC

Still pretty much the same as last year, Marussia are fighting with the likes of HRT for the back spot of the grid. Glock sits just in front of De la Rosa’s HRT followed by Pic then Karthikeyan. Cory Hickton quoted;

“We’re still happy with the performance of the car. We’re not going to jump places over night, but it will get there”

Too right Cory, Caterham qualified 15th and 19th, showing that they have been able to make some gains over the winter. Let’s see tomorrow if Marussia can work their way up a little.

18th March, 2011

1st ALO
2nd MAS
3rd VET
4th BUT
5th SCH
6th MAL
7th HAM
8th PER
9th RAI
10th GRO

15th GLO

Pic was forced to retire on lap 12 of the Grand Prix with a rear suspension failure. Pic did well not to lose the car out of turn 8 and made it back to the pits without much more damage to his racer.

“It was disappointing to not finish the race yeah, but all I can do is look forward and wait for Malaysia now”

Glock on the other hand managed to finish the race, only 1 lap behind the leader but was the last runner in 15th place.

“The speed just wasn’t there today. On the plus side, the car handles well, but we have a lot of work to do going forward.”

Cory Hickton wasn’t showing any emption about the finish of the single Marussia as last runner. He quoted;

“Today proved difficult. We ran the best strategy we could, but the car does need to improve over the course of the year. We have some really good people working behind the scenes, so give us a couple of races and we’ll be a lot more competitive.”

Only time will tell if Cory’s running of the team can move them forward, especially as he only has two years on his contract to improve things here.
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Re: Taking Marussia to the top

Postby hickto » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:09 pm

Round 2 - Malaysia
24th March, 2011

1st GLO
2nd HAM
3rd ALO
4th MAS
5th BUT
6th RAI
7th GRO
8th VET
9th WEB
10th PIC

A rain hit Malaysia saw some real surprises today in qualifying. Both the Marussia’s were queuing at the end of the pit lane before the green light came on and they managed a couple of quick laps on dry tyres before the rain started – no one else seemed to make a dash at the start thus qualified in the damp. The result, Marussia’s first ever pole position. We asked Cory Hickton how he felt about this;

“I couldn’t be feeling any better right now. We really didn’t think we would be able to do anything here as we generally have a draggy car when it comes to aero dynamics at the moment, but pole position… Wow!”

It certainly proves even if there is a chance of rain in qualifying it is better to get out there early. Roll on tomorrow’s race!

25th March, 2011

1st ALO
2nd VET
3rd GLO
4th RAI
5th WEB
6th HAM
7th BUT
8th GRO
9th VER
10th KOB

12th PIC

Glock took the first points for Marussia with a podium finish today. He wasn’t the quickest by far with a train of cars behind him for the most of the race. Glock lead into turn one and kept the lead until lap 47 when he made a final stop.

“3rd place for our first ever points, off the back of our first ever pole position is huge! Hopefully this result will give us the momentum to continue for the rest of the season.”

Pic experienced mixed fortunes through the race, he made is as high as 5th place during the first pit stops, but a drive through penalty for speeding in the pit lane during his second stop hampered his points chance.

“I was unlucky not to score points today. There was only 15 finishers again this weekend and if it wasn’t for my stop-go for speeding in the pits I would have been on for some points.”

The Team Principle was obviously overjoyed with today’s result, not only points which he set out to do, but a podium too in only his second race in charge;

“Timo drove a perfect race today, he put the car where it needed to be every time someone pressured him. It’s an amazing result for us and to get a podium as well as our first points… I can see us partying long into tonight.”

It was a great result here for Marussia this weekend, mixing it up with the big boys. But was it due to the mixed weather yesterday which gave them this chance? Maybe, but they did take the chance when it was presented which is what they really need to do this year.
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