The most realistic way ever!

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Re: The most realistic way ever!

Postby sionco » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:38 am

Either a server problem, or the GPM2World website is gone,

It wouldn't surprise me if it's the end, considering this website was setup, because the owner of GPM2World couldn't be bothered with GPm2World anymore.
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Re: The most realistic way ever!

Postby Nuppiz » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:17 pm

sionco wrote:Either a server problem, or the GPM2World website is gone,

It wouldn't surprise me if it's the end, considering this website was setup, because the owner of GPM2World couldn't be bothered with GPm2World anymore.

Yeah, Ian Woollam has probably stopped paying the bills for the domain so it has been taken down.

A sad thing to happen, but I was expecting this to happen at some point.
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Re: The most realistic way ever!

Postby Fawkes » Mon Feb 22, 2016 8:44 pm

1998 season review.

The last season was very disappointing at Mondragon F1, but the experience and data gathered in races meant very much for the next season. 1998 saw a new car being launched without any of the problems suffered from its predecessors, wich means it was already built for the very first race of the season. The new chassis, MD-3, featured a another new engine supplier, this time Honda. The team decided, after 2 rounds in the season, to invest their budget in order to risk themselves towards the glory (or not lol), and started building a new facility to develop new in house parts for usual updates in the car chassis during the season with the carbon fibre construction unit.

Max Papis lead the way for the third year consecutive, and new paydrivers teammates brazilian Tarso Marques and portuguese Tiago Monteiro sharing the same seat at each race. The pre season looked promising in the car pace and so on, now making the most to have each part of it right away to the top, like no savings with high quality partners in parts, fuel and tyres to optimize the overall performance. Also, during the tests the team figured out the best option mixing parts in order to achieve the best balance between track specs and weight/quality, adopting this new way of preparing the car for each track during the calendar, not only changing the car spec in high speed tracks like Monza, like in the previous years. Every detail like this meant a lot to follow the team moto of fair play described in the first post of this series (96 season review)

Improving the car during the season, focusing in the advanced steering to level 10 by mid season, the team failed to have the right pace for the first race, but then in the second GP in home soil Marques managed to qualify the new car with a little bit of luck. Things way bad once again and after failing the next two rounds to qualify our best car yet, at home base in Spain the scenario changed for the team. Papis find out the pace and only failed to qualify again twice later in the season, while Marques and Monteiro fight more to have their places secured in the race grid. This was a clear evolution for the team, wich now had a car capable of being fast enough, even fighting with its backmarkers rivals such Minardi, Tyrrel and Arrows.

The next step was to build some reputation during the races, trying to figure out what the hell was the problem with the car since the drivers couldnt make half a race without suffering electronic problems. The R&D team (actually, myself reading in forums about this usual problem in GPM2 :1laugh: ) found out that the high level advanced steering did not match the EMS system level wich resulted in many failures. 98 also saw a change in the management and development philosophy: Mondragon decided that until the team had the right resources to build in house parts on their own, they would trade tech in legal deals with other teams, wich is not considered a cheat for the team. The improvements were so obvious during the 98 season with brand new MD-3 that in Monza, against the odds with our poor Honda engines, the team managed to qualify by its own ways a great 14 th place with Papis, ahead of a Stewart, both Bennetons, Minardis, Tyrrels and Arrows.

Basically, the new car bring up much more speed and reliability, aiming to improve the last item even more in the next season. In this season, Michael Schumacher managed to win his third title antecipating its real and first one with Ferrari (2000), having a great battle during all season with Hakkinen, wich actually failed to retain his title after a superb campaing by the german, only winning three times against 11 wins courtesy of the Ferrari driver. Eddie Irvine had a ridiculous season, not winning only a single time, pretty much like Hakkinens teammate Coulthard, wich finished season up to 7th, while Eddie at least was right behind the big guys back in 3rd place. Jordan had a great season only behind Ferrari and McLaren, but followed closely by a surprisingly Sauber. Jean Alesi and Johnny Herbert worked together and challenged Ferrari guys to make a extraordinary 1-2 win in Imola. Jordan answered right after, with Hill winning the spanish GP. Prost once again had a superb season in mid pack right before these other teams thanks to a inspired Olivier Panis. Williams started their decline just like in real life back then, but lost too much ground in 98, only scoring 12 points and finishing in 6th.

This is it guys,Ill start right away the 99 season until the end of the week, already started planning the 99 design car too. Hope you enjoyed and keep waiting some feedback of you all, even if it is suposed to make critics and say that Im the worst team manager all time (or that I had a poor english too :1cool: )
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Re: The most realistic way ever!

Postby favieremark » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:55 am

dlcechin wrote:Hi guys ! is not found ! Somebody can help me ?

i think it's dead
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Re: The most realistic way ever!

Postby sionco » Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:21 pm

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