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Re: Grand Prix World 2016 Mod V1.0 released

Postby Niehoff » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:55 pm

Do you use another game Language then english?

If youre using german, frensh or anything else, you get the old names etc.
Only use the english language.txt
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Version 2

Postby Niehoff » Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:40 pm

Good day everybody and greetings from the USA where i stay the next weeks.

I edited the 2016 mod for myself alot, so as the whole game and i wanted to share it with you all.

We all have to thank the creator of the 2016 mod so as the creators of all the editors!
the link to my update:

To install, just copy & replace all the datas from the .rar into your game folder. Please save all your datas first in case you want to switch back!

if you find any trouble, let me know.

-Wrong liverys and wrong sounds for some people changed
-Fixed the Engine bugs. Now every Team has his correct Engine including the kind of the deal (costumer, works, partner)
-Changed the engine abilitys, so the honda will blow up correctly the most races now :1grin:
the Ferrari/Mercedes Costumer Engines are a bit downsized compared to the Works Deals, but still better then Renault and for sure Honda.
-Changed the Unknown Drivers without Pictures to some real F1 Guys. Charles Leclerc is now included @ Haas, Antonio Giovinazzi is Sauber test driver and RedBull i gave Buemi.
-Changed all driver skills to more (for me) realistic skills. Verstappen is now the fastest man, but has problems with motivation and is not the most secure driver. But still the greatest talent thanks to the game driver can improve! Like thatm i edited every single skill for every driver
-Changed car Handling for Season number 1. Try to catch the Mercedes with Ferrari, try to win with RedBull or help Renault build the Team up!
-Changed Financial Budget a little bit for every Team
-Changed drivers Salery. Sirotkin etc are now paying, and Ricciardo/Verstappen cost more money now.
-Changed Start year to 2016 (for me i still had 1998 when installed the mod, but i thought it already was included?! For sure i made something wrong but here now it is included)
-All new drivers have original Driver Pictures
-Fixed all Driver Nationalitys. Some Countrys like Monaco for Leclerc, or Italien for Giovinazzo wasnt included so i gave Leclerc France etc....
-Fixed all Driver Ages (Not 100% sure if all is right, but within 1-2years +/- it should be correct)
-and many minor bug fixes and changes!
-Changed the skills of all Designers/engineers so the Game has now a more realistic future. Its now very much harder to get forward with a backmaker Team because only the 3 top Teams have 5* engineers, and only Ferrari and Mercedes have a 5* Designer. So these 2 Teams + RedBull a little behind will have a winning car in the next season.With the new performance Curve from the GPWupdate editor, its much more a challange to make it to the top!
-Changed the tyre Performance. Now the Soft Tyre has much more Grip but goes down very fast. The Hard one has very less Grip but a longer life in the Race. That gives you all new Pit Stop strategies!

Hope you enjoy it. if you get trouble please reply.
Sorry for my bad english im from germany. May i am learning a bit in the USA the next weeks now :1rolleyes:

I think about a 2018 Mod. I get the ability now and maybe a bit of time in the USA the next weeks. Iam here for work and i know nobody here so i spend much time with myself...
If anybod is interisted in a 2018 mod let me know.
Thanks to the administrator if this page, and every editor developer!
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