GPW now fully functional on Windows 10!?!

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Re: GPW now fully functional on Windows 10!?!

Postby Veedub » Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:26 am

Veedub looks like Microsoft have made some improvements on Windows 10 game compatibility.

Further good news, when running the game on Windows 10 with DDrawCompat, the game is now a near perfect out-of-the-box experience! Well at least that is the case on my Core i5 4570 desktop with Intel 4600 and single monitor.

Windows 10 without DDrawCompat ~60 FPS in menus and ~20 FPS in races (too slow)
Windows 10 with DDrawCompat ~60 FPS in menus and ~30 FPS in races (perfect)

I wonder if the frame rate in the menus is being restricted to 60 FPS by the Windows 10 OS (e.g. 59Hz refresh rate or Vsync rates etc.) as usually its unlimited FPS in the menus. But clearly DDrawCompat makes a difference to the 3d race engine and the game is running at perfect speed. Mouse clicks are now normal again but accelerated time is back to its slower/normal acceleration (for you DxWnd/VirtualBox users following the other thread).

So to run through the installation steps once more for Windows 10 users:

  • Four year old Core i5 4570 with Onboard Intel 4600 GPU
  • Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version 1803
  • Copy gpw folder from CD to C:\
  • Create a folder called "Save" inside your GPW folder (C:\gpw\Save)
  • Download the latest release (currently v0.2.1) of DDrawCompat
  • Copy the ddraw.dll file to your GPW folder (C:\gpw)
  • Download and run GPWEdit v1.0
  • If prompted, select your GPW folder (C:\gpw)
  • Click the upgrade game button and click on the Upgrade button
  • Close GPW Edit
  • Run gpw.exe and accept the installation of DirectPlay
  • Game should load successfully in full screen (although not fully stretched)
  • In the options set the race speed to 150% and enjoy

This game now has a past and a future! :1cheesy:
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Re: GPW now fully functional on Windows 10!?!

Postby Niehoff » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:51 pm

Veedub wrote:
Veedub wrote:

This game now has a past and a future! :1cheesy:

This is up to us all in this Board. I released a version 2 of the 2016 mod that is offered here, and youe gpwedit program is very powerfull! there are many guys out here who release tools and mods. Its up to us to keep it running. And i like that we still find out new things about GPW :1smiley:
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Re: GPW now fully functional on Windows 10!?!

Postby Jops » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:59 pm

So i have it working perfectly... ish. When I move the mouse quickly it leaves behind the GPW mouse and randomely becomes my PC mouse, so the second I click on anything it drops me to the desktop and the game shuts down.

Didnt happen before i used the directdraw.dll, however the frame rate was horrendous
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Re: GPW now fully functional on Windows 10!?!

Postby Marcus72 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:01 pm

I have managed to install the game original (downloaded from the web),install and run the GPW edit (1.1) and to download the dll file. When I start the game with the dll file, i am blocked on the FIA logo . Without the dll file, the game seems to work, but very slow. Somebody an idea what I could do to make the game work with the dll file?
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Re: GPW now fully functional on Windows 10!?!

Postby Mattthomas10 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:50 pm

Hoping for some help here also, have followed all steps and all was going well until I launched the game, I get to the FIA logo and the game just goes off. Should note that the only part of the guide i do not get is the option to install direct play when launching the game.
I'm also using Windows 10 on an i5.

Edit - I can get the game to run through Dxwnd, however once it's the qualifying/race layout the screen is blurry however all audio seems fine.
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