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GPM2 Real 1996 Mod Remastered

Postby Miikutza » Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:02 pm

In GPM2 for multiplayer you can use only original 1996 season or a great 2009 mod. I personally play mostly multiplayer with my brother when i play GPM2. That's why i have played them both really much and that is also a reason why i think they both look outdated. Especially original 1996 even after Real 1996 mod because its low quality pictures. That's why i decided to make facelift for it.

This mod's version 1.0 took approximately 14 hours to make including reading Nuppiz's guide and learning how GPM2 modding works. I haven't touched on driver's abilites etc. because i find Real 1996 abilites good and because i play in multiplayer i can't use config files and i'm not skilled enough for multiplayer compatible implementation for them at least for now. I have replaced most of pictures, background and faces to better ones. Although this is my first mod i think it looks at least good enough to be an good improvement to original.


- Changed most of original backgrounds and driver pictures to new fresher ones.

- Buttons changed to more modern ones from 2009 mod.
- Tweaked overtaking place placement on tracks to avoid bug which leads to crossing finish line without registering it which
causes driver falling lap behind.
- Tweaked newspapers look
- Made some buttons background lighter to avoid glitch which causes buttons turning white because of too dark background

- Fixed 1.02b exe to have correct 1996 sponsors instead of original fake ones and changed its name to GPM2.exe.
- Changed old GPM2.exe name to GPM2 Stafire compatible.exe.
- Changed security, fuel, spare parts, and tyre company names to real ones on both exes
- Changed Engine stats with stats provided by and and others.
(Was really time consuming and frustrating but i finally managed to make these changes to 1.02b exe first using Starfire editor to 1.02 exe and then comparing what it changed and then tranferred changes to 1.02b exe using hexeditor)
- Made titlescreen look better. ...
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