Rookie/Young drivers improving discussion

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Rookie/Young drivers improving discussion

Postby Himuchan » Thu May 10, 2018 11:00 pm

So i've been wondering how does the game take into account if a driver will improve next season?
My latest playthrough I went with prost and I resigned jarno trulli for 2 seasons and to my surprise by his last season he had improved to almost Hakkinen status. He also had 5 points in wet weather which basically won him every single race where it rained.

So i'm wondering how the game handles this. Some examples for improving:
Driver beeing young?
Is it pre implemented so everyone grows equally the same every playthrough

I wonder what you guys have to say on this matter
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Re: Rookie/Young drivers improving discussion

Postby Niehoff » Fri May 11, 2018 1:30 pm

Its not always the same!
With every game i find new storys how the drivers change.

The Age is an important thing.
A old driver wont improve that much because he only has a few Seasons left. Every year Drivers change. They can go down with the abilitys,too!
Sometimes my drivers improve in one ability and go down on the other.

How it is programed exactly, i dont know.

Did you ever saw a Stuff Member improve?
One time i signed a 4 Star designer for the next year. At the start of the new Season, he only had 3 Stars left :1grin: I was going crazy! But thats an important part of the game. You sign someone and when hes there, hes better or less good then you thought he would be.

Nice that you still enjoy the game!

Ever tryed a mod? Or do you always play the 1998 Start?
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Re: Rookie/Young drivers improving discussion

Postby Himuchan » Sat May 12, 2018 12:15 am

Yes I have seen my staff improve I used to have a 4 star designer and it improved to a 5 star! (lucky!)
I still enjoy the game and I usually watch every race (when i'm atleast a top 5 team) except for hungary because it's just buggy as hell.

I still want to try a 2000 mod but no clue where to look for and how to install it (I was a big fan of montoya in the blue williams)
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