Location of 1998 Tobacco Mod?

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Location of 1998 Tobacco Mod?

Postby Veedub » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:32 am

I know this is a stretch to ask, as well as stretching my memory but I seem to recall there was a 1998 Tobacco Sponsor Mod that had new graphics for the sponsor logs both in the game menu and on the car models (both green and grey versions) and also updated track graphics to restore the sponsorship logos where the sponsorship had been rubbed off the pit straight, pedestrian bridges, billboards etc.

I could try and find them myself but I'm hoping someone else has some time to spare and can hunt these down for me. Maybe try google and a wayback machine or something to see what the filename was/is or if someone miraculously has the mod saved somewhere or packaged in a season mod?

I'd love to integrate this into the GPW Edit game upgrader so the sponsorship is correct out of the box. :1smiley:
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