Simulate Races / Do Drivers matter?

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Simulate Races / Do Drivers matter?

Postby fraglet » Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:55 pm

Hello everyone,
I have just recently re-discovered this highly addictive game and am psyched how it still holds up.
So a friend and I played hot-seat over the weekend (just like 21 years ago!!)
Since we like to just focus on managing the team and developing the car and progress through the seasons a bit faster we skip the actual races and qualifying.
What we found was that it did not seem to matter what driver was driving the car and how good your qualifying was - it just seemed terribly random :1undecided:
I was playing Ferrari with Schumacher and although he has by far the best attributes he fared extremely bad (getting 15 points in the whole season). I also started running into money problems and decided to hire a French driver with sponsors (also in order to get the Renault engine which I guess is a must to even have a chance to compete).
So in the 2nd season this new driver outperformed Schumacher completely. How can that be? To me it didnt seem like the driver attributes had any influence on the result, which is a shame because why wouldnt i just hire to drivers who bring sponsors instead of 1 really great one?
And even though I now had a good engine, solid car and at least one supposedly great driver, I didnt manage to get any closer to Williams or Benetton and Schumacher continued to suck!
Any experience with this issue?
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