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BTCC 1998 mod

Postby Alen542 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:57 pm

I have been thinking to make this but would be unable to have some features(2 races etc)
So i need some help.
Donnington Park(National)
Brands Hatch(Indy)
Oulton Park(Fosters)
Donnington Park(Would it be possible to have the same round 2 times?)
Croft Circuit
Brands Hatch
Oulton Park
For sideviews,i'm thinking of taking screenshots in GTR2 then doing the normal procces.
For top-down or bird's view,i do not know to make anything of this
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DC Cook Motorsport
Brookes Motorsport
Mardi Grass Motorsport
Mint Motorsport
Would anyone be able to provide some of the tracks i'd need for the mod and anything else?
For engines and everything else,i unfortunately have no idea but i think a BTCC mod is a great idea.
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Postby Alen542 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:01 pm

Rickard Rydell
Anthony Reid
James Thompson
Alain Menu
Jason Plato
David Leslie
Yvan Muller
John Cleland
Derek Warwick
Will Hoy
Gianni Morbidelli
Peter Kox
Matt Neal
Paul Radisich
John Bintcliffe
Tommy Rustad
Tim Harvey
Nigel Mansell
Robb Gravett
Craig Baird
Roger Möen
Flavio Figueiredo
Tiff Needell
Paula Cook
Mark Lemmer
Lee Brookes
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Re: BTCC 1998 mod

Postby Nuppiz » Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:10 pm

It's perfectly possible to feature the same track multiple times in the calendar. I'm no track editor though so I can't help with those any further.

You also need a lot more drivers. At the moment you only have 26 listed while the game has 78 driver slots. So the mod could fit all drivers from BTCC that participated in any races in 1998 and a bunch of drivers from other touring car series as well. Also remember that to make driver contracts work properly you need to have test drivers for at least 8 teams. For those you could use drivers that only drove in a couple of races for some teams.

A 1998-spec BTCC Renault Laguna had 310 hp and weighed 985 kg, which is very low power-to-weight-ratio for GPM2 and could lead to issues like cars being unable to complete a proper lap. Also even if the hp and weight figures were right the cars would probably still be way too quick due to downforce and other handling aspects we can't really edit. Before you do anything else you should probably test if a car with these power/weight figures can even work.

For top-down views you could also use GTR2 screenshots and then work your way around from there. I use practically the same technique with F1 Challenge for my mods. The in-race "matchbox" cars would have to be drawn from scratch, though.

Is a BTCC mod possible? With a lot of compromises and certain limitations, could be. But it'll take a lot more work than any F1 mod.
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Re: BTCC 1998 mod

Postby Sean » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:34 pm

The mod requires a lot of tracks to be made and to make one takes a lot of time and testing to do although it's not impossible to make all of the tracks mentioned I don't see any issue with them.

Using the numbers Nuppiz mentioned I changed the engine hp to 310 and the car weight to 985kg. The lap times at Monaco came in at 2 minutes and 40 seconds in comparison to the F1 cars in the game that were doing 1 minute and 22 seconds. I'm not sure if 2 minutes and 40 seconds would be a realistic lap time for those cars around Monaco? I would imagine it's pretty close? The game didn't seem to have any issues running a slower car but I wonder how it will affect the realism of the gameplay while playing against the A.I over a whole season and career?
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Re: BTCC 1998 mod

Postby ivaneurope » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:11 am

How about making something different - WTCR's innaugural (de jure) season could be interesting pick. What we have for WTCR?

As manufacturers:
Alfa Romeo
We can include other TCR manufacturers like Subaru, Opel, KIA, Lada, Renault and Lynk & Co which gives us plenty of choice

2018 WTCR season had 12 teams - with a maximum number of 13 teams it's perfect to make a mod based on WTCR
46 drivers (wildcards included) competed in WTCR in 2018. Considering the number of series using the same regulations choosing drivers will be a non-issue.

But since making touring car mod for a game that was made for Formula 1 style racing is tricky I propose something more unique - a Hybrid mod called Formula TCR which will utilize F1 based topdowns and mechanics (and maybe calendar) with WTCR teams, drivers and manufacturers.
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