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Re: Grand Prix Manager (1995)

Postby FranS99 » Mon May 20, 2019 2:42 pm

DNPQ wrote:If the driver is not signed, he is not available until he appears in some team in the future. Then the game can give his helmet to a random driver.


As you can see, AI contracts drivers for 16 races, which leads to difficulties in the second and subsequent seasons. Imagine that you want to hire a driver. Contract your current driver expires after 17 races, the AI after 16. You offer a contract, but you answer that the driver is not ready to wait for one race.


Another negative consequence of this rule is the unrealistic driver changes of most teams just before the last race of the season. The only solution to this problem that comes to mind is editing the save file.

I mean, how does it happen that the calendar says it has 17 races but the AI signs drivers for 16? Is it a glitch/bug of the game? Or it's just the AI being already ready for GPM2? :1grin: :1huh:
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