Tech: TGA file format and compatibility

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Tech: TGA file format and compatibility

Postby Veedub » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:09 am

GPW uses TGA files as one of the main file formats to display images in the game.

If you have created or modified any of the game's TGA files and you encounter corruption or quality issues with the display of those TGA images within the game, it may be due to the image options used by the image software you are using to save the TGA file.

Scanning through the game's original TGA files, it would appear that GPW has a preference for the following image options:

Image bit depth: 16
Compression: None (or RLE if able, to reduce filesize)
Origin: Bottom-Left

The majority of the game's TGA files are in 16-bit format, either with or without RLE compression. However there a few files in the 24-bit format, with no compression.

Should anyone encounter issues when creating or modifying TGA files that are used in the game, you may need to resave the TGA files using better image software.

There are a number of image viewers that can be used to load and save TGA files but they may not save the TGA file with the configuration you require. e.g., IrfanView, XnView and Faststone do not appear to support the saving of 16-bit TGA

Apparently Paint Shop Pro 6.02 will support saving as 16-bit but unable to download and confirm at time of writing. ... p-pro-6-02

RtBTool (via File > Graphic File Format Conversion...) also supports loading/saving of 16-bit TGA but with no compression and origin appears to be set to top-left, rather than bottom-left.

If able, try to save TGA files in 16-bit with RLE compression, with an origin of bottom-left. This will reduce filesize substantially. Despite the larger file size, you may be able to save TGA files in 24-bit but no compression should be applied to ensure compatibility. Another consideration is that any TGA files that contain a transparency colour may require a specific configuration for transparency to work.
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