1961 Mod - Project (WIP)

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1961 Mod - Project (WIP)

Postby FranS99 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:30 pm

Well, what if I tell you all, that I'm currently working on a 1961 F1 GPM2 Mod? After thinking about it for quite a while now, I came to the conclusion that, with all the mods we have of GPM2, there were some "big fishes" missing to be done, such as Mods from the '50s, '60s & even '70s.
Well, now, let me tell you a thing I discovered while messing with the GPM2 files a bit: There's a possibility of making them happen. How? Well, considering the main issue would be the sporsor-ship & calendar, I already found a solution or two - Making the cars sponsor-less (ie, using all-green in order to get the transparency; don't worry, you'll get the income from the sponsors if you sign with them!), and the tracks... Using already-made tracks, or, original tracks from the GPM2 (until someone actually makes them). After those two main issues solved, you get basically free-room to do whatever you want, actually.
So, now that I explained a bit what I've been doing, let's post some screens of what I actually have, so far:

Main screen, with Wolfgang von Trips as protagonist of this new-old era mod.

The team-list so far.

Team logos; I'm actually planning on adding more logos (such as Tyrrell's, Matra's, Vanwall's, etc.).

Engines so far; 190hp is the strongest power in 1961, and also ironically, the lowest hp I've ever seen from a F1.

Nationalities, based on all the race-calendar, drivers & also on other seasons (such as 1959, 1962/1963, etc.).

Although I could literally spend two or three days (24/7) working on it and releasing it, I want to make sure everything is completely alright; I also need to find a way to get the cars from the GTR2 mod (where I basically based all my teams), and probably, find a place where I can actually get the staff's intel ('cause is hard to actually find all team's staff, to be honest), so I can make the teams as historically I can. Also, I'm planning to add more stuff on here, such as driver-list (which I haven't even started, but I will as soon as I finish with some other important stuff I'm working on), sponsor-list, and maybe even the calendar as well. :1smiley:
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